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 Sacci Mucci

Sacci Mucci is a young fashion and lifestyle brand that derives its name from the Hindi words “Sacchi Mucchi” which means ‘being true'. The brand is an initiative of a NIFT, New Delhi graduate, who has a decade-long experience in art, design, and fashion. Through its collaboration with fine craftsmanship, the brand holds a vision of creating outstanding products to meet global quality standards with unique artistic touch imparted to each of its creations and accessible to the masses.
Sticking to what the brand promises, makes it a unique choice for coated canvas bag lovers. Through its amazing launch of product lines featuring exciting designs and styles; the brand is all set to make its mark and be a known name amongst the masses.
With its aim of reaching out to one and all through its lively range of lifestyle products, the brand looks forth to deliver quality, affordability, and accessibility all in one place. Its belief in keeping alive the local craft has made it join hands with local artisans to prepare the prints for its merchandise and add value to every piece.
The brand values the promises made and so it tries to live by its words by being true to its customers. The dividing line between a high-end fashion brand and a reasonable shopper is all that the brand Sacci Mucci is trying to cement. Through its affordable product categories, it ensures none is left out when they look for something exciting, fashionable, and yet reasonably priced. The logo is inspired by the Swastika symbol in the center which signifies good luck and prosperity. This is to send a message to everyone that our products would definitely add the same to their life.

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